"Lying flat" has no way out, "dynamic clearance" is the best solution

"Lying flat" has no way out, "dynamic clearance" is the best solution

At present, the global new crown pneumonia’s epidemic is still very serious, and my country’s epidemic is still running at a high level, and the scope of impact is still very large. According to the recent data from the World Health Organization, a total of 500 million new crowns in the world have exceeded 500 million cases.

The more at this time, the more soberly, the more soberly, the "lying down" has no way out, and "dynamic clearing" is the best solution. It should be said that as the proportion of inoculation of the new crown virus vaccine is getting higher and higher, the immunity of the crowd’s new coronal virus has continued to increase, and the clinical severity of the infected persons is indeed decreased according to the proportion of per 100 diseases. However, it is also necessary to see that Omikon’s mutant strains have the characteristics of strong infectiousness, fast transmission speed, and high concealment, and are more likely to cause large -scale transmission. The social harm and influence caused by the epidemic did not reduce it.

For example, some countries announced the implementation of the "coexistence with the new crown" plan at the end of February, which lifted all new crown restrictions in the legal sense, stopped free testing services for most public, and closed down the laboratory. The epidemic has continued to deteriorate, cumulative diagnosis cases have continued to rise, and public health and social stability have greater pressure.

Because of this, the World Health Organization stated that the new crowns are still "internationally concerned emergencies in public health", and it is recommended that countries be prepared at any time.

It should also be seen that although the pathogenicity of Omikon’s mutant strains is not as strong as other strains, it is by no means a "large influenza". It is much more harmful than the flu. The general mortality rate is higher than the flu. It is an elderly population, and the mortality rate is dozens of times higher than ordinary influenza, and the elderly over 80 years of age are even nearly a hundred times higher.

my country is the country with the largest population in the world. If you abandon dynamic clearance and let the virus popular, it will eventually form a large -scale rebound, which will cause panic and cause medical resources to be crowded. Physical health and life safety. Needless to say, the mutation of Omikon has greatly increased the difficulty of preventing and controlling the epidemic, but if you choose "lying down", it is disrespect for science, it is not responsible for life, and it will also make the epidemic situation that is not easy to come in our country. The prevention and control results are east.

In fact, some countries choose to let go of prevention and control. "Coexisting with the new crown" is because they do not want to prevent control and control in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

After a variety of attempts, these countries cannot find an ideal strategy to control the new crown epidemic. It is simply "lying down". It is precisely because they fail to control the epidemic in the early stage. Helpless choice.

However, even if a lot of life is paid, these countries are far from ending the epidemic. Once the infection and the number of deaths have risen sharply, they often tighten the prevention and control strategy.

The German Federal Minister of Health said that it was "wrong" that it was announced that the measures to allow new crown -infected people to voluntarily be separated from next month were "wrong."

In comparison, the status of the local epidemic in my country can generally be able to achieve dynamic clearing.

Persistence is victory, and persistence can win. After 45 days of hardships, all cities and states of Jilin Province have achieved the target of the epidemic prevention and control society; with the implementation of differentiated and differentiated prevention and control management, some people’s livelihood business outlets in Shanghai began to resume operations; With the joint efforts of all parties, the number of domestic cases that have been hospitalized and discharged from the country and the number of symptoms of domestic -oriented infections have continued to increase … Recently, with the effective implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures in various places, various epidemic prevention and control measures are playing a role.

This not only fully confirms the scientific and effectiveness of dynamic clearing, but also fully confirms that we have the conditions and capable of achieving dynamic clearance.

Maintaining strategic determination, firm confidence in winning, bite your teeth, fight stubbornly, and grasp the measures to prevent and control the epidemic prevention and control. The influence of development. "People’s Daily" (04th version of April 20, 2022).