A silver medal with a high "gold content"

  Original title: [Olympic stadium] a banner of a high "gold content" on July 31, China’s player Dong Dong was on the award ceremony. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Min July 31, the Tokyo Olympic Games Gymnastics Men’s Trampoline finals, Dong Dong, Dong Dong, who was divided into silver. At this point, Dong Dong’s four consecutive gratifiers, a total of 1 gold 2 silver, 1 copper, and the title of the trampoline.

The Tokyo Olympics, this 32-year-old old will play a very perfect game, although the impact of the sprint height and the difficulty is passed by the champion, but the silver banner "contains the" gold content "very high.夜上海论坛

  When the day is less than 12, the home of Shanxi Sports Center Athletes is already unprocated. The 100th athletes from our province gymnastics team, art gymnastics team, trampoline team, martial art team and other sports teams, and paid the Hongdong. In the preliminaries, Dong Dong ranked among the fifth results of the qualifier.

"Dong Dong is extremely high in the trampoline project, playing stability in the qualifier, the movement is elegant, very optimistic about him." Shanxi trampoline men’s team coach Wang Ying is the coach when Dong Dong is in the provincial team. She said, "Teammile Gao Lei The waist is injured, there is a mistake in the second set of movements in the qualifier, which will not enter the finals, which will make Dong Dong pressure increase.

"The moment 上海会所推荐419of exciting is here, the audience cheers.

Dong Dong, who was fighting in the final, showing the fourth place in the final, the performance is not expensive, and the whole move is very perfect, got a division, this is the highest score of all the qualifiers at the time and the finals of the finals. However, the 20-year-old Belarus New Xiu Litevino finally debuted and won the championship with a score. "Dong Dong is a superior level, and his movements have no deduction points. The displacement is very good." The famous trampoline athlete in our province believes that "due to age, it is not very ideal, but feels he did not Pity.

"Shanxi trampoline athlete who is preparing for the 14th National Games, Yang Yanzhan, the stability of Dong Dong, who is," "" In the case of one person entering the final, he did not conservative, but let go Punch, take out the status and level of the championship, worth admire.

"Athletes in the viewing competition have said that they should learn to Dong Dong. I hope that there will be an opportunity to stand on the highest 上海会所论坛 collar to stand on the future, and win glory for the country.

(Reporter Zhou Huifang).


Chinese year, blood in the blood

Hundreds of years is headed.

In China, the most grand, most peaceful, most luggage and long-lasting holiday is the Spring Festival, the first year of the goods, the Spring Festival, the New Year’s Eve, watch the Spring Festival Evening … The colorful folk activities during the Spring Festival have left in every Chinese heart. It is difficult to abrasive imprint.

"Home, there is a kind of cohesiveness. No matter how far you are booming, you will come back home for 30 nights, 上海qm联系方式 not far more.

This agglomeration is both affectionate, also a merger of blood, and is also a condensation, reconnaissance of interpersonal relationships. "- Beijing Folk Museum, the curator, folk expert Cao Yansheng reunion, is the spiritual core of China’s annual culture, is the most concentrated year.

At home, there is always a long line, implicated our lives. Every time, in the migration of the mountain in the sea, it is not far away from the return, and returns to the soul of the dream and family reunion.

A table carefully prepared, the Chinese people carry the Chinese accumulated a year of emotions, all the hidden, all the hardships, all the parents, all the taste, all the relatives … all condensed this "reunion rice" In the middle, this meal will become more precious and more 上海龙凤419自荐 meaningful. "Our traditional festival must also keep new.

The form of expression and the inner, the reunion, the recognition of the intention, and the exchange of exchanges can be used in modern expression.

In fact, this country, society, the human own development, every generation, he will consciously, and inherit it. "- Dean of the School of Cultural Industry Management, China Communication University, and Cultural Scholars Van Zhou Spring Festival As a long history of traditional Chinese festivals, there are colorful holiday customs across the country.

I feel the annual taste in the busyness of the year, inheriting the folk activities of the millennium, is the basic way of the Chinese feel the holiday atmosphere. With the development of society, the change of the times, "killing the pig, set firecrackers …" Some of the Chinese New Year’s folk activities have gradually become memories, and the replacement is that the "travel, grab the red envelope, the five blessings", the folklore With the improvement of the people’s living standards and "replacement", its carrying cultural significance and spiritual connotation are still fresh. "We live in this society, we have all kinds of fate, we have the affinity, there is a gentle, a wisdom, friendship, all kinds of fate. Spring Festival gives us these edges The combination and maintenance provide time to update our social relationship, use this kind of edge, maintain, and for our lives and our career, will have a positive role.

"- Beijing University of Beijing Institute of Beijing Institute, folk scholar Zhang Bo China, connecting China’s edge.

In the Spring Festival, for the Chinese, it is a bright light on the Chinese national world, and it is warm.

New Year, it is both intimate dependence, and it is also a friend of the friend, and talking about the Yue Yue, talking about the past, turning tomorrow.

"I want to make things happen, Guotai people …" A good voice is the bottom color of gentle in 上海洗浴桑拿网 the heart, is a prayer of peace and joy, filled with the feelings of the people of the country.

In the Spring Festival, each person is closely connected to the entire nation, showing the cohesive cohesiveness coexisting, inheriting the "national" of the blood in China.


Bojie Medical: Do "pathogen diagnosis experts" to help the immunity mission

(Video Production: Wang Yuanzhou) The first time design R & D diagnostic kits and passed the verification, and is used by the Shanghai Municipal Government for the prevention and control of epidemic situation. When faced with new crown epidemics, Shanghai Boyjie Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is more and more well known by the public.

In 2017, in the field of infectious pathogens, the three alumni gathered together, with the idea of ??"professional people to do professional things," three founders jointly established Shanghai Boyjie medical technology limited company. "In the initial 闵行会所论坛 stage, we didn’t work together.

"Zhao Baihui as one of the founders of Bejie Medical, talking about the beginning of the beginning of business because of the concept of" one shot ":" We have more than 15 years of experience; we have graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University; we are in public The sanitary lines have worked more than 10 years, and they are quite familiar with each other.

The company surrounds the three people, the main line of infective pathogens, from diagnostic reagents, diagnostic instruments, sequencing services, and medical examination services.

Three people have passed by forty brave and re-entry have passed forty. In the system, I have already achieved advanced titles, why do you want to start a business? "In order to solve problems! During the US 上海飞机按摩论坛 Boston training, I feel that the hospitals, enterprises, research institutions communicate and transform the efficiency.

The listing of Kechuang board is part of the company planning. It is an inevitable result of the goal process, not the target, and ultimately we have to make a good reagent and instrument. "Behach Medical is committed to the research and development and application of infective pathogen molecular diagnosis reagents, deep tillage in multi-fluorescent PCR diagnostic reagents. The company’s main body is located in Shanghai Fengchui Valley Biology Park, with 3,000 square meters of ISO9001 and ISO13485 Certified clean factory, and 1200 square meters of equipment production and sequencing service area. The company wholly-owned medical inspection laboratory registered as a secondary biosafety laboratory, located in Pudong International Medical Park, covering an area of ??1000 square meters, has opened Genetic and microbial testing two qualifications, equipped with advanced professional related instrumentation equipment.

In Zhao Baihui, the last five years is a five-year replacement of domestic products, that is, domestic products can replace some imported instrument equipment or physical products in the hospital; then the next five years should be innovative for 5 years, but not sudden Come in innovation, but in the foundation of the previous five-year accumulation, it needs to work closely with colleges and colleges and research institutes.

At present, Berjie Medical has cooperated with key laboratories in universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Fudan University. "We look forward to some good technologies. If we want to industrialize, we can go to undertake transformation, or when Bojie can participate in research and development, it is recommended from the perspective of application. These colleges and talent resources are also our Shanghai enterprise The advantages.

"Fast reactions during the epidemic, the new coronary virus epidemic emergence, Berjie medical response is fast, but also benefits from the company’s early cultivation in the diagnosis of respiratory infectious diseases. More than 400 nucleic acid detection reagents and 3 Different nucleic acid extraction reagents have been widely used in most disease prevention and control centers in China. In the early days of the epidemic, Berjail’s respiratory pathway provided by the disease control has specified the direction of coronary virus infection at the time. Also laid the foundation for the retroactory and diagnosis of later case samples and virus.

Later, the new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit developed by Berger has passed the approval of the State Food and Drug Administration (NMPA), and is used by the Shanghai Municipal Government for exemption prevention and control.


Beijing University Exploration Promotes Undergraduate Missionary System

Original title: The city’s universities explored the undergraduate mentor system this newspaper reported that the Beijing Municipal Education Commission has released the "Beijing Higher Education Undergraduate Talent Training Quality Improvement Action Plan (2022-2024)" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan"). Among them, we must improve the student ‘s academic evaluation system and strictly have graduated exports.

Promote the development of science and education, exploring undergraduate mentor system, supporting undergraduate advances for undergraduate and potential, into the laboratory, into the team, cultivating students’ research interests and basic scientific research capabilities. Beijing Youth Daily reported that according to the "Action Plan", in order to deepen undergraduate education teaching reform, Beijing will focus on completing the seven tasks, including improvement in the improvement of colleges and universities, carry out talent training model reform practice, and consolidate undergraduate education teaching Basic, fully promoted the reform of practical innovation education, continuously enhance the teaching level of teachers, continue to optimize teaching conditions, and improve the teaching quality monitoring system.

  The "Action Plan" mentioned to promote practice teaching reform. Improve the practice curriculum system, dynamically update teaching content, rich teaching methods, optimize teaching mode, strengthen laboratory construction and management, and strict prevention and control laboratory risks. Improve the assessment of practical courses, encourage students to carry out design, research and development, innovative practice, and achieve scientific evaluation of students’ practice learning.

Effectively improve the new practice of teachers, guiding students’ ability to practice, and further enhance the scientific, professional, timeliness, targetedness of practice. Promoting the development of science and education. Exploring undergraduate mentor system, supporting undergraduate advances, entering a certain basic and potential, into the laboratory, into the team, cultivating students scientific research interests and basic scientific research capabilities, and transforming the latest scientific research results into education teaching content, with high level science 上海哪里有水磨洗浴 Research supports high quality undergraduate talents. Actively carry out college student disciplines, encourage undergraduates to carry forward the spirit of exploration, show scientific research results, improve competitiveness and cooperation awareness, and expand the breadth and depth of students to participate in the competition. "Action Plan" also emphasizes to depth promote the integration of education.

Improve the long-term mechanism of education and education, comprehensively strengthen the cooperation of school enterprises, colleges and universities, support universities and related departments, enterprises and institutions jointly formulate training programs, build courses, jointly build practical bases, develop textbook courseware, improve teaching design, Optimize the Administration of Political 上海美女个人工作室 Science and Engineering. Relying on projects such as "Pei Plan" to create a batch of school-enterprise cooperative training internship bases, education and education integration alliances, etc. Work positions confirm knowledge, exercise skills, and inspire new knowledge. Support students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovative entrepreneurship education through talent training, build a group of college innovation and entrepreneurship training activities brand and practice platform, carry out high quality and targeted innovative entrepreneurial training, enhance students’ innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and innovative entrepreneurial capacity.

Improve the innovative entrepreneurial achievement conversion mechanism, support all kinds of innovative entrepreneurship competitions to give tilting 上海浦东足浴发廊论坛 on college students, providing specialized incubation services in college students, and effectively advancing results in transformation. In the improvement of students ‘academic evaluation, the "Action Plan" clearly must strict academic standards, adhere to morality, ability is heavy, comprehensive development, explore the characteristics of professional courses, facilitating students’ growth, the process, and improve process Assessment and Results Assessment Institute of Academic Evaluation System. Further serious examination of the test, resolutely put an end to the cheating phenomenon.

Strictly grazing the exports of graduation, comprehensively strengthen the whole process management of graduation design (thesis) selection, opening, defense, etc., strictly monitor the form, content, and difficulty, and improve the quality of graduation design (thesis).

  In terms of continuous improvement of teachers’ teaching level, the "Action Plan" also mentioned that the role of the grassroots teaching organization and other grassroots teaching organizations, etc. , Excellent undergraduate education team, enhance the overall teaching level of teachers. Attracting a batch of domestic and foreign experts, entrepreneurs, engineers, senior mechanics to enter the grassroots teaching organization, enrich the strength of teachers, and improve the ability of teachers.

Promote the construction of virtual teaching and research, establish a group of exemplary virtual teaching and research rooms.

(Reporter Wu Wenjuan) (Editor: Wen Wei, Li Yihuan) Sharing let more people see.


BYD: Hiring Wu Yue is a representative of the company’s securities affairs

  China Films Net News (Reporter Huang Lingling) November 12 November 12, BYD (002594) announced that according to the business needs and related regulations, the company held the 15th Board of Directors on November 12th considered The proposal of the company’s securities affairs representatives agreed that the company increased the company’s representative, and appointed Wu Yue as a representative of the company’s securities affairs, assist the Board Secretary to perform his duties. Since the date of adoption of the Board of Directors to the expiration of this year’s term. The company 浦东桑拿会所全套 said that Wu Yue has acquired the secretary qualification certificate issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and its qualifications meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

  The announcement shows that Wu Yue is born in 1988, Chinese nationality, no foreign residence, master’s degree.

Wu Yue graduated from the University of Oklahoma, the University of Oklahoma, has been a master’s degree in interpersonal relationship. In October 2016, Ji Yadi Co., Ltd. has served as the investor relations, and the director of the investor relations.

CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities and Securities Network", copyrights belong to China Securities News.

China Securities News, the author of the Securities, the author of the author, any organization does not use the 上海浦东品茶论坛 above works without the transfer of the Chinese Securities, the Securities Network and the author’s written authorization, abstract or otherwise use the above works.

Where the website indicates that the source of non-China Securities News and Securities Network is reproduced from other media, the purpose of the reprint is to better service readers, the information needs, does not 上海干磨398 mean that this website agrees with its views, this website is not The authenticity is responsible, and the opposition should claim rights with the original unit unit.


Changsha Tianxin District: Join hands with smoke-free campus to care for adolescent healthy growth

Tianxin District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau launched the subject preaching activities in the Alien Foreign Language School of Changsha. The unit is deployed by Changsha, November 17. The electricity to promote the popularization of tobacco knowledge, guiding youth away from traditional tobacco and electronic cigarettes, creating fresh, healthy, civilized educational environment, and promoting smoke-free campus construction. Recently, Changsha Tianxin District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau jointly established the Tianxin District Education Bureau, the Public Security Bureau and the Market Supervision Bureau entered the Yaichi Foreign Languages ??School, launched the "Navigation Health Growth, Building a Smoke-free Campus" theme. "The electronic cigarette does not meet the purpose of smoking cessation. It contains toxic substances in its soobuities, but will damage human health …" staff uses graphic panels and promotional videos, through the form of the on-site, interactive Q & A and other forms, to the majority of teachers and students To explain the essence and harm of electronic cigarettes, introduce the way to resist electronic smoke, enhance all the teachers and students to refuse electronic cigarettes, and consensce with the ideological consensus of the community to build a smoke-free campus. Since this year, Tianxin District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has implemented the newly revised "Minor Protection Law of the People’s 上海金莎丽娱乐会所 Republic of China", combined with "I do practical things for the masses", and launch the special project to protect minors from smoking "guarding growth" Action, escorting the healthy growth of minors. Communication publicity education "good voice".

Taking the home of the customer team as the publicity platform, through a household visit, realize the full coverage of minors in the jurisdiction; organizing party volunteers into the campus, community, and preaching the popularity knowledge. More than 300 brochures were issued, posting "there is no need to sell more than 2,000 slogans".

Constructing a "Safety Zone" in Civilization.

Helps Changsha Civilization City, strictly abide by the ban on smoking ban in the campus, fully exploit the storage of 爱上海女生自荐区 retailers around the campus and implement strict control; provide convenience services to the active movement or relaxation customers; check new channels such as network or vending machines to sell electronic smoke behavior Effectively purify the surrounding environment of the school. Pull up the Guarding Growth "Protective Network".

Opened the "Captain Hotline", smooth reports of complaints; assemble public security, municipal supervisor, etc. More than 20 households, resolutely prevent and investigate and deal with the behavior of smoking to smoke in the underage adults. In the next stage, Tianxin District will continue to focus on minor protection, give full play to joint law enforcement role, strengthen supervision and investigation, and join hands with all walks of life to create safety and healthy 松江大学城200一晚 growth environments for children. (Tan Wenjun, Wu Hao) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.


16 departments issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Rights and Interests of Truck Drivers"

  New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival is approaching, is the peak season.

The freight also entered another peak in the year, tens of millions of drivers driving trucks, running on transportation. Recently, 16 departments of the Ministry of Transport issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Rights of Rights of Truck" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). "Decorate for decades, or the first time I saw that the country specialized in developing an equity guarantee for our career, and my heart is more practical!" There is a truck driver.

  The new policy helps to resolve the driver teachers? What are the expectations? Come listen to what they say. Focus on the data released by the "Urgent" Transportation Department showed that in 2020, the 17.28 million cargo drivers of the road freight industry completed the total number of 74% and turnover of the total commission. China’s economy "Thinking" is inseparable from the majority of truck drivers.

  However, the freight industry has always had an over-limit overload and other unregulated behaviors, disrupting the order of transportation market, damaging the interests of compliance drivers. On the one hand, the extensive development of freight industry and some violations affect road safety. On the other hand, the truck driver is facing a lot of freshness.

Some places, "law enforcement" change "punishment", and fine for the truck driver. Some urban roads, not allowed trucks, and often change, so that the driver is at a loss.

In individual places, there are also illegal activities such as stealing oil and other. The 16 departments jointly formulated "Opinions" and focusing on the truck drivers, and clarified a package of tasks.

Including: strictly regulating the fair civilization law enforcement, resolutely cleaning the unreasonable penalty of the truck driver, accelerating the improvement of the department to jointly link the law enforcement work mechanism, serious law enforcement supervision and obsection, so that the administrative law enforcement is more intensive, more temperature; smooth truck The driver complains, guiding the establishment of complaints to report on the phone, for the chaos involving the truck driver, a penalty, illegal law enforcement, etc. Form, implement the "three inspection and one" reform of the road ordinary freight vehicle, continuously promote the government high-frequency matters "cross-provincial unite"; optimize the adjustment of trucks to ban restrictions, guarantee the basic traffic demand of trucks in urban roads. In this regard, the truck driver generally gives a highly evaluation.

Master Zhang, Henan Pingdingshan said that these key tasks are targeted, boosted the confidence of card friends to personal development and industry prospects.

"The" Opinions "focus is long, generally existed, such as some administrative law enforcement officers fined for drivers, some urban road trucks have been banned, and it is expected to be in place!" Master Zhang said . "There is a park" "rest assured to stop" "Shuxin stop" rest, parking is difficult, has been the "troubles" of truck drivers. "Prevent fatigue driving requires a good rest condition. Even if you are full of four hours, I don’t have to stop.

"Master Zhang said that because many road service area is less parking, the rest conditions are poor, the drivers are sometimes simply resting on the roadside parking," people don’t leave the car ", I don’t dare to let the car leave the line when eating." Sleep Can save money in the car, or prevent someone from stealing oil. "How to rest in the driver, rest assured parking well? It is understood that in recent years, relevant departments have actively promoted parking space change and expansion of road service area, increase the number of parking spaces, and some service area set up truck special parking area. As of now Nearly 230,000 truck parking spaces have been set up in the national highway service area and parking area. The Ministry of Transportation, the National Federation of Trade Unions Promoted more than 700 "drivers" in the country, providing a break, shower, laundry, and heat for truck drivers. Water and other convenient services. This "opinion" is clear, to improve truck driver parking rest conditions.

The Director of the Transportation Department Transport Service Division introduced, will focus on ensuring the truck driver "there is a parking" "rest assured" "comfortable".

First, scientifically adjust the proportion of passenger trucks, further implement parking space change, strengthen electronic boot service, effectively increase the supply of car parking spaces, and ensure that the truck "is parked".

Secondly, for the driver, it is not dare to get off due to fear of oil and goods, and strengthen the parking monitoring of the service area, strengthen the patrol inspection, and combat the fare road, let the truck driver "rest assured".

Third, relying on the logistics park and the conventional facilities such as Petrochemical, Sinopec Gas Station, further expand the coverage of "driver’s home", let the truck driver "comfortable". In the interview, the driver master said that "the driver’s home" is really good, the truck driver can not only park on the side, but also rest, eat, wash, shower, such as toilet.

However, this place is now relatively small, I hope to be popular in more places in the future. Let digital technology better service road freight digitization is integrated into all walks of life, road freight also develop to smart logistics. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 70% of truck drivers to use freight platform App to realize business related to goods. In an interview found that at least one freight app on the driver’s mobile phone, some of which used several freight apps.

  In recent years, "Internet +" freight platform, new models, new models have rapidly develop, and provide convenience for truck drivers transportation operations while promoting the effectiveness of road freight industry, and is welcomed by the company. Jiangsu Huai’an truck driver Meng Master is usually derived from the logistics and capacity trading platform of China.

"This platform is very useful, saving time, the freight settlement is also timely. During the epidemic, many industrial supply chains have affected, the ‘Internet +’ online freight platform minimizes the losses of the card friend.

"However, there are also some shipping platforms in the industry to use resources, induce issues such as driver’s compaction competition. This" opinion "emphasizes that the network freight new state business behavior is necessary. Weigh improvement of online freight platform and freight information transaction match platform, etc. Internet road freight platform management system, strengthen operational monitoring and dynamic management. Exploring the promotion of Internet road freight information trading match platform filing management system, establish social supervision mechanism, supervise platform companies fully listen to the platform, 上海嘉定300全套2小时 reasonably, and adjust the information service fee, Member fees, pricing rules, bidding mechanisms, sending orders and other platform rules and other platform rules, and publicity on the platform, must not induce goods from improper compaction and freight vehicles overload over-limit transport, may not induce truck drivers’ vicious low-cost competition, timeout labor.

Seriously investigate and deal with the legal rights and interests of the Internet road freight platform to damage the legal rights of truck drivers. These provisions have been responded to related companies.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhongchang Transportation, the platform is currently integrated with more than 2.7 million professional drivers, will take advantage of the "Opinions" issued by relevant state departments, 上海高端工作室资源 and take effective measures from various dimensions to protect the driver’s rights. Among them, the authenticity of the promotion of the business is that companies have been insisting.

At present, based on the strict qualification system and identity and authentication mechanism, the logistics, information flow, bill flow, capital flow, and cargo track flow "five flows" have been implemented, which helps Better guarantee the rights of platform drivers.

  The person in charge of the Ministry of Transport said that the next step will formulate relevant rules and regulations, standard regulations, and promote the information trading matching platform management system, and urge the platform enterprises to be reasonably determined, and adjust the various business rules of the platform.

&上海哪里有妹子服务quot;The freight platform is a new thing, running all parties benefiting, I hope to do it better in the future!" Multi-driver master said. (Reporter Wang Wenzheng) Responsible Editor: Han Bingyu.


China Wenmpia: Fully improve the quality of grassroots party organizations around "six regulations"

The China Wenmpia will fully promote the standardization standardization construction of the party branch as an important part of the party building, focus on "six regulations", and vigorously improve the quality and level of the party building.

In terms of organizational settings, the annual statistics of the grassroots party 上海徐汇区洗浴中心多少钱 organizations have formed "China Wenlian Party Organization, Party Member, Party Cadre Basic Manual".

In terms of the construction specifications of the Board, the timely replenishment of the Secretary of the Party Branch of the Party Branch, the Secretary of the Party Branch, and the members of the Party Branch and the Party Branch Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and Commission Licensing.

In terms of organizational living standards, through the printed theoretical knowledge learning card, organize "Wednesday to study", open the "literary observation" column, invite experts for special counseling, etc., to strengthen political learning and education, and conscientiously carry out the theme party day, organize life meeting , Democratic appraisal party members and other work. In 上海新茶外卖 terms of functional effects, focus on playing the role of the party branch battle fortress, promoting the party construction and business depth, carrying out the selection of "Creating Excellent Flow Red Flag" Party Branch, and create party members. In terms of the construction of the party members, strengthen the education of the party’s active molecules and party members’ development, establish a specialized roster, and attach importance to cultivating the development of party members from the backbone and high knowledge group. In the system guarantee specification, the "Regulations on the Standardization Standardization Construction of the Party Branch of China" and China "" The Implementation Measures on Strengthening the Party 上海喝茶微信群 Construction Work of China ‘s Telegrain Business Society ", summarizes the" Work System Compilation ", the system implementation is included in the internal inspection. Summarize the work method of refining the party branch of "party construction project". (Source: "Flag" 2021, No. 7) (Editor: Xu Yawei): Yeajun issued: Zhang Tao Ying).


China’s strong guilty: traditional craftsmanship

  Xinhua News Agency, Nanning October 11 (Reporter Huang Qinggang, Zhu Lili) "Weaving Zhuangjin is a way to test girls’ diligence and mind. In the past, we have a strong girl to marry.

"The 76-year-old Zhuang Madai Li Yanfen said that every morning, she will weave a paragraph in her home.

  Introduction, with Yunjin, Shunjin, Song Jin and the four famous brocade in China, is a treasure of Guangxi national culture.

In 2006, Zhuang’s woven arts was included in the first batch of national non-legacy.

  The village in which Li Yanfen is located is 上海龙凤交友 located in Shuangmon Village, Jinlong Town, Longzhou County, Guangxi, has a long history. In 2016, Guangxi Jinzhuangjin Culture Arts Co., Ltd. jointly established a Longzhou Qiangchuan Skills Workshop in Boati, and attracts nearly 60 female villagers in the plate. Introduction to the traditional craftsmanship from traditional crafts to modern textile art, constantly create social benefits and economic benefits, and drive more and more ethnic women’s income and get rich. Li Yanfen said that now you have thousands of stable income every month. In December 2019, Milan fashion designer Moi, Italy was invited to the Longzhou Quality Arts and Art Workshop, and founded the local Zhuang Woven Art, and jointly built a strong gold brand with Guangxi Jinzhuangjin Culture Art Co., Ltd.. "The strong boot is beautiful, the fabric of the broth 上海喝茶外卖 is very good, I also touched the material at the scene.

"Moss said, he felt the skills of the strong chains and the humanities of the Zhuang people, hoping to recommend China’s national culture to more foreigners through their own design.

  The two teams have overcome the language and time difference questions, keep close contact, open video conferencing to determine the pattern, style, fabric, and wait. At present, the first batch of products have been proofed by two wheels and entered an orderly production process. Moss said that the prospects in the European market are very good, the team will use the modern 贵族宝贝mm自荐 design concept to present the national culture and history behind the strong guilty guilty to Western consumers, and promote the entered the European market in the European market.


From entering the blossom hall to the Bund! Go to the Expo Pujiang Tour Special Line Ship is 上海高端私人会所about to set sail

Original title: From entering the blog exhibition hall directly to the Bund! Going to the Expo Pujiang Tour Special Line Ship is about to set sail map: Enter the Expo Pujiang Tour Special Line Boat is about to settle Source / Interview Object to map (the same) New People’s Evening News (Reporter Yang Yuhong) November 6 to 10, enter the Expo The guests are on the east side of the North Square of the Shanghai National Exhibition Center. Let more enter the guest "good tour&上海外菜vx quot;, long-term tourism adopts the "special line, special train, special car" custom form, launch Pujiang Tour to enter the new line. The Bund Wan Guo Expo is one of the most popular landmarks in Shanghai. It has a classical revival building in 52 style. These European architecture is a shadow of Shanghai in Shanghai. 上海哪里可以约到女孩子 It is also one of the most precious historical buildings in Shanghai.

In Shanghai, Lu Jiazui represents urban rhythm, represents Shanghai’s height and glory, symbolizing the temperament of Shanghai International Financial Center.

You can pay tribute to the people’s heroes along the way. They will return to the Northern Beach, and the North Beach is returned to the Qinhuangdao terminal.